American Exceptionalism.

It is a new dawn in American democracy, on this day there will be a transfer of power from one president to the next one. A long standing tradition since 1789, even surviving a civil war. However it is a new era in American politics, derived from a culture of reality TV and attention deficit disorder news media. The process culminated in the election of a demagogue, a person whose failures and lies are not taken seriously, in a party which can no longer claim American ideals of equality and immigration, and neither Christian ideals of solidarity. Instead, it resulted in identity politics, uniting people in hatred against another political party, hatred against perceived threats like “Radical Islamic Terrorism” or illegal immigration.

Patriotism and pride has lead us here, people have faith in the system that will not let a megalomaniac corrupt it. But we have seen it too many times how demagogues work, blaming external factors will get you so far, then blaming the previous president can buy you a little bit of support, but it’ll be scary when the blame shifts to other americans.

The majority of people did not vote for this president, fifty-four percent will be a thorn in Trump’s policies. 

Opposition can and should be as violent as the current administration. The opposition will be on the streets, in middle America, and even rural America. The opposition should loudly proclaim that this is a nation of immigrants, where all people are created equal, and will not be hijacked by gerrymandered politics.

It is darkest before the dawn, because progress is not linear, let this era strengthen American Exceptionalism. The nation is defined by who we are in our darkest moments, do not be part of the silent minority but be the vocal majority.